Green For Grenfell is an annual event bringing together communities to celebrate diversity and unity, this year we are focusing on schools and community groups, each year the focus will widen in order to build a lasting legacy of the support the Grenfell community received in the first days and weeks by the local community but also from every corner of the country. 

We want to give some of the love and support back and this is a positive way that we can do this. 


We have been collaborating with Cornwall Hugs Grenfell and they have launched a song Grenfell From Today, that schools can download and sing.  They are hoping to get as many choirs as possible to sing this song.  Please visit their website

In addition we have been working with the Eden Projects Communities to mutually support our goals of bringing communities together.

Our Green For Grenfell Day information and pack can be downloaded below.

Friday 15th June 2018 

Green For Grenfell Day 15th June

For further school resources try BBC Newsround