On the 15th June we are organising a community day and are inviting schools and community organisations across the UK to get involved. [Hyper link to sign up]

The 14th June 2018 will mark one year since the Grenfell tower fire. Grenfell community will me marking the anniversary in a reflective way spending time with loved ones and on the 15th of June we will have a community day where we will be organising activities for all ages.

We want to remember the community came together in a great show of unity and support for bereaved and survivors in the days, weeks and months after the fire. As the days passed support came from all corners of the UK as people travelled down to bring donations and provide practical support in distributing donations to those most in need.

As we approach the first anniversary Grenfell United along with others would like to start to build a lasting legacy in response to the love and support they received in their time of need.

So we are asking communities across the UK to come together and celebrate unity and diversity within your own communities by working together on a project of your choosing. Whether it is painting a community centre, planting days in communal gardens, fundraising activities where funds raised can be reinvested into your the local community/project.

We are inviting all schools and community organisations to join us for Green For Grenfell Day on Friday 15th June and celebrate their unity by wearing green, working on a common cause and letting us know about it!

If you would like to get more information and take part please download your pack here