Cornwall Hugs Grenfell has been supporting Grenfell families to access holidays in cornwall as a way of helping families take some time out and start the healing process. So far they have helped 200 people with holidays in cornwall with a big focus on the children in our community.  For more information on Cornwall Hugs Grenfell please click here.

On the 8th June Cornwall Hugs Grenfell released their song Grenfell From Today

Esme Page, Founder of Cornwall Hugs Grenfell, says

'At the six month memorial in St Paul’s Cathedral I thought of anniversaries to come.  I dreamed of a dedicated piece of music to anchor forever the immense loss, the courage of survivors and emergency services and the legacy of love and community spirit that blossomed in the wake of the tragedy.'

The song was specifically written for schools and helps reinforce the ideas of solidarity, community an diversity and fully aligns with our own message for Green for Grenfell Day. 

Please visit their website to download the sheet music and more information